About the center
In 2007, BCCI established the Business Women Committee, which is considered the first of its kind to be involved with gender issues regarding the economic inequality that facing women in Bethlehem Governorate. BWC aims to follow up on businesswomen issues, develop their capacities, and promote their existence as active members within the Chamber and community.
Our Message
Representing women and business owners in the Chamber and providing them with support to develop the...
Our Vision
BWC aims, through partnership and integration with partner and supportive institutions that are acti...
The center goals
Highlighting the achievements of women in various economic sectors. Organizing courses and seminar...
Training Courses and Workshops
The Businesswomen Center implements several courses to build the capacity of women affiliated with the membership of the General Assembly and women benefiting from the Businesswomen Center to develop their capabilities and work to develop their products
Business Women Committee
It is made up of 6 Grand Business Women to follow up matters related to the market and various economic sectors and works to enhance communication with women business owners from various economic and geographical sectors, and the committee is concerned with women registered as members of the Chamber of Commerce under the privileged-special-first degree. The committee meets once a month on a regular basis every month to follow up on matters related to economic activities of interest to women in the governorate and to work on implementing one central activity every 3 months.
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